Create Your Own Cotton Men's / Unisex T-Shirt


Put your own design on this 100% cotton light grey men's / unisex t-shirt from Next Level.

If you've got something to say, put it on your chest - or get it on your back. Add your own artwork and text, or choose an image from our collection.

You can add any artwork, images, or text you want on your shirt, with a few rules. Here are some things to keep in mind as you're designing your own shirt:

- We can accept artwork or images that are in the JPG  or PNG formats with a minimum resolution of 150 dpi in the size you request. The maximum image size is 3450 pixels wide by 5400 pixels tall. Contact us via email at, or on the phone at 720-204-1955 if you have any question about artwork formats or resolution.

- The printed artwork or image can be no larger than 11 1/2" wide, and 18" tall.

- Your artwork or image can include as many colors as you like, including photos, but keep in mind that the artwork or image may look somewhat different when printed on the t-shirt in the color you've selected.

- You can order your artwork or image to be printed on the front or the back of your shirt.

- You must own, or have copyright permissions to, any artwork and images that you upload. We respect the creative efforts of others, and will not print copyrighted material unless we're certain that you own the artwork and any images contained in it, or have the owner's permission to reproduce the work. If we have reasonable doubt about ownership and copyrights, we'll suspend your order pending resolution of our concerns.

- We fully support your rights to voice your opinion. However, we also maintain the right to refuse our services to print messages that may be libelous or otherwise unsuitable for print, including messages that we find unacceptable for any reason.

If we find your message unacceptable for any reason, including failure to comply with the basic requirements described above, we will suspend your order until we can contact you directly and resolve our concerns. If we cannot come to an agreement, we'll cheerfully refund any money you've already paid to the credit card or account you used.

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    • M - Medium
    • L - Large
    • XL - Extra Large

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